Rules & Guidelines

Welcome to the 2017 Western Wholistic Herbal Gathering!

The Gathering will take place during the weekend of September 1-4, 2017. Here is everything you need to know! You can also find this document on our website at

Please be aware that the Western Wholisitic Herbal Gathering is a CASH ONLY event. If you intend to purchase your tickets at the gate or buy treats from the vendors, you will need to pay in cash.

Guests must be registered through our online system at to attend the Western Wholistic Herbal Gathering. Please ensure you have registered all children, teens and adults who will be attending with your party. Drop-ins at the gate will fill out a paper version of the registration.

Guests may arrive for early check-in on Thursday evening after 6pm.  Regular guest check-in begins on Friday morning at 9:00am, at the Registration tent just inside the gates of the Resort. All guests please check-in at the Registration tent before entering the gathering. You will be directed to your accommodations during check-in at the registration tent.

Tipi camping is walk-in only, anywhere from 100m (for family tipis) to 400m from the parking lot; driving up to the tipis is not possible. Please keep this in mind when packing your belongings. Coolers and food are to be kept in your vehicle for the duration of the weekend, closest to the cooking area. Small shared carts will be available to help you haul your bedding, clothing and toiletries to the tipis and washhouse.

Opening Ceremonies will begin at Noon on Friday, and the first workshops will commence at 1:15pm. The last workshops will end on Sunday at 4:00pm, and the closing ceremony will wrap-up the weekend by 5:00pm. Monday intensive will be held from 9:00am-12:00pm. Please ensure you have cleaned up your tipi and surrounding area before departing the gathering. As responsible stewards of the Earth, we aim to hold a ‘leave to trace’ event.


Each tipi houses 8-10 guests and contains a central fireplace. If you would like to stay in the same tipi as your friends, please let us know ahead of time by email ( that you would like to be placed in the same tipi. Groups smaller than 8 people will be placed together with other guests to fill up the tipis. To keep our guests comfortable, we have identified 4 ‘types’ of tipis:

Family Tipi: families attending with children will be placed with other families near the washhouse, close to camp activities/KidZone and a little farther from the noisy night-time fire.

Quiet Tipi: Those who prefer quiet evenings will be placed furthest from the noisy night-time fire. Guests who stay in Quiet Tipis are expected to be considerate of their noise and light levels when in their tipi.

Social Tipi: Guests who plan to stay up late on Friday and Saturday to take advantage of the night’s entertainment and revelry will be placed closest to the noisy night-time fire, in the middle of the action.

Group Tipi: Groups of friends who email us ahead of time can arrange to stay in a private tipi. Groups must be at least 8 adults, or 9-10 adults and children.

Please email us ahead of time if you have special preferences for your tipi (specific gender, handicapped access, etc). We will do our best to lodge you in a tipi that is most comfortable for you.

Every person staying in the tipis is provided with a comfortable single mattress. You may bring your own mattress if you like, but due to tipi size please limit it to one single-sized bed per person. Guests bring their own pillows, sleeping bags or bedding.

Please indicate your tipi preference by emailing us ahead of time (especially for group tipis) at You may also choose your accommodations at registration, and we will do our best to place you in a tipi of your choice.

There will be access to drinking and washing water on site. The washhouse is an indoor bathroom with sinks, mirrors, toilet stalls, and cubbies to store your toiletries. Please do not store toiletries in your tipi (see below, Garbage and Food Disposal, for more information). Shower stalls are located in the washhouses, we ask that guests limit their showers to short showers, and use them only when absolutely necessary, in order to avoid overflowing the small septic system.

There is no electricity onsite, no Wi-Fi and no cellphone service. Let’s unplug and connect in the shade under the mixed forest, dance upon the fields of wildflowers, cool off in the swimmable lake and enjoy a weekend away from it all! A landline is located in the First-Aid station building for emergencies.

Sorry, there are no pets allowed.

Food and Beverages

Please note that we will NOT be providing meals for guests this year. Please provide your own meals and snacks for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Please bring plenty of snacks and drinks to keep you comfortable in the summer heat! Vendors will be present to provide meal and snacking options. A reusable mug is recommended to take advantage of the tea and coffee vendors’ services.

 There will be a potluck dinner on Friday night. Guests who bring a dish to share can join in the potluck! Please label your dish with the ingredients for our guests with allergies and food preferences.

Cooking can be done in the outdoor food prep area near the lake shore. There will be a fire lit at each meal for guests to cook on. We recommend bringing a camp stove, and any pots and pans you will need to prepare your meals, as well as dishes and cutlery for eating. Please do not bring food into your tipi, or cook over the fire in tipis! All food/coolers are to be kept in your vehicle next to the cooking area. This is very important for bear safety (see more below, under “Garbage and Food Disposal”).

While we are not able to provide refrigeration services for guests this year, ice will be available for a small fee, to replenish your cooler. Outdoor washing stations are available for guests to wash their dishes.

Garbage and Food Disposal

It is important that you store your food/cooler responsibly in your vehicle. Food wrappers and dirty dishes/mugs can also attract wildlife to your tipi; keep them in your vehicle. Please bring your garbage to the First Aid building and dispose of it in the bags provided each evening before 9pm for the safety of everyone. Additionally, we ask that all guests store their toiletries in the washhouse, where cubbies are provided, to minimize the risk of attracting bears.

Safety and Sanitation

Please bring all medications, inhalers, epi-pens and other medical equipment you need to be safe and comfortable for the weekend. There is a first aid station in the building nearest to the parking lot, with a land-line phone for emergencies.

Please bring the camp sanitation supplies you will need to be clean and healthy such as wash basins, soap, washcloths and towels. Sunscreen and bug spray are recommended items for your health and comfort.

The Herbal Marketplace

The Herbal Marketplace is a show-case of natural and home-made goods created by local vendors. It is a great place to get a souvenir of your visit, or to find a snack in between workshops. To become a vendor, send us an email! Please, no unregistered vendors or blanket vending at the herbal gathering.

Because there is no Wi-Fi or cellphone service on site, the gathering is a CASH ONLY event. Please ensure you have enough cash for your marketplace purchases, as the closest ATM is located at the Stoney Nakoda Resort & Casino, about 20 minutes away.

Children and the KidZone

The KidZone provides fun, nature-based programming for children out-of-diapers to age 12. Babes in arms & teens ages 12-17 may attend workshops with their parents.

KidZone will be in operation during morning and afternoon workshops, Friday to Sunday (Monday as well?). It is the responsibility of parents to be there to collect their children promptly after workshops, both at lunchtime and in the evenings. Parents are expected to supervise all underage teens and children during meals and when they are not attending KidZone programming.

If your child has a medical condition or allergies, please inform the KidZone staff before leaving your child at the KidZone.

The children will be writing, rehearsing and presenting their own play, going on plantwalks and doing crafts as part of the KidZone program. Please ensure your child has proper protective clothing, and is wearing sunscreen or bug-spray as appropriate before dropping them off at the KidZone.

Things to Bring to the Herbal Gathering

  • Sunscreen and sun-protective clothing
  • Insect repellant
  • Your tent and camping supplies
  • Plate, bowl, mug, utensils and water container
  • Cooler with meals & snacks for the weekend
  • Flashlights & glowsticks
  • Sensible attire for all of Alberta’s weather changes
  • Warm sweater for evenings around the fire
  • Drinking mug or water bottle
  • Paper and pencil for taking notes
  • Musical instruments (music and sing-alongs in the evenings are enjoyed and encouraged)
  • Yoga mat for morning yoga or meditation classes
  • Bedding for your tipi mattress, sleeping bag, pillows
  • Festive clothes and costumes for the nightly entertainment
  • Toys, Hula hoops, Poi, Frisbees
  • Smiles

We look forward to seeing you at the Third Western Wholistic Herbal Gathering!