Our home in 2017 will be the beautiful Rancho Relaxo Resort – an ever-growing demonstration of permaculture design, sustainable living, renewable energy systems, home energy efficiency, and home scale food production.

Located on five beautiful acres NE of Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Rancho Relaxo Resort is one of Alberta’s first eco-tourism destination resorts and will feature renewable energy systems, organic food production, water harvest, food storage, off-grid log cabins, and a plethora of other ideas that help families move towards self-sufficiency, food security, and healthy communities.

This beautiful five-acre permaculture demonstration farm has the potential to host events, workshops, and courses, while offering affordable, comfortable, all-inclusive accommodations. The resort creates a friendly, comfortable atmosphere that enhances social interaction, connections with the natural world, and confidence in themselves as an informed consumer.

Jeff & Juli’s knowledge of the Alberta geography, events, inhabitants, and recreational opportunities will be invaluable to travellers that would prefer to have a home base, a host family, and a personal guide to help them make the most of their time in this beautiful land. Our guided off-site ventures will allow domestic and international explorers to experience all the diverse culture and activities Alberta has to offer, including First Nations ceremonies, access to the Parks, world-class museums and more.

Our working permaculture farm offers many opportunities for ‘hands-on’ learning, ranging from egg-collection to soil building. We encourage guests to get involved, share ideas, and get excited about new skills, all while enjoying the beautiful mountain views, forest trails, and organic gardens.

Delicious, wholesome meals will be supplied using only the highest quality ingredients available, will be cooked from scratch, and prepared fresh every day. Healthy food is the key to healthy people.

To round out the day, who could resist a star-filled sky with guitars around the campfire? The perfect way to unplug!

images courtesy Rancho Relaxo Resort website

  • Did you know that it is possible to grow most of your own food on a small plot of land?
  • Did you know that renewable energy can supply almost all of our energy needs?
  • Did you know that eating good food can help us lose weight and be healthy & happy?

Resort Tour

The 1960’s Farm House was built over 50 years ago and now has been upgraded to be more compatible with the Alberta climate. Rubber shingles on the roof and dark-coloured cement-fibre siding was added to resist hail damage and gather heat in the sun. The window sizes were reduced, and low-E vinyl windows replaced the old sliders. The house’s original insulation was almost non-existent, so insulated concrete forms were used to build a 4″ thick styrofoam house around the existing building and 2″ foil-faced styrofoam to reduce heat loss through the ceiling. Heat is provided by a high-efficiency gas furnace, high-efficiency wood fireplace and a solar water-heating system. A root cellar was also dug underneath the deck, tanks installed to harvest rainwater and raised garden beds built out of poplar logs.

  • Pop-can Solar Air Heater
  • Tire Galaxy Raised Garden Beds
  • Solar Electric System
  • Solar Food Dehydrator
  • Compost System
  • Food Forests
  • Off-grid Log Cabins
  • Hill Freezer Food Storage
  • Compost Tea Wagon