Workshops for the 2017 Gathering are in the process of being announced. Please visit the Presenters and Itinerary sections for more information on this year’s event.

Robert Rogers

A Plant Walk with Robert Rogers

This walk will identify plants, and discuss their traditional indigenous uses and their modern herbal uses based on science. We will also look at wild edibles, and how to prepare various plant parts for food and medicine.

Mushroom Essences: Vibrational Healing from the Kingdom Fungi

During this workshop we will look at the similarity and differences between flower and mushroom essences, ways they can be used together for healing issues related to disconnection from, or fragmentation of soul.

Jeff & Juli Gillies

Soil = Healthy People = Healthy Community

Jeff will discuss the importance of soil microbes and how they are the key to a healthy community.

10 Ways to Double Your Garden Production

Juli will present ten ways to double the production of your garden

Terry Willard

The Coming and Going of a Herbalist

In this talk we will look at a brief history of Herbal Medicine in the world, and focus on its future in Canada. We will look at the blending of traditions of the ancients with modern science and how it can help the current crop of herbalists be of service to their patients, family and community. There can be many pitfalls along the way. We will discuss ways to make it an fun-filled adventure, not just another job. How to work for yourself in the confines of modern rules and government oversights will be kicked around. After all, the planet grows Herbalist, so let make it a great crop.

Botany – A new look for Herbal Geeks

After studying plants for over 40 years, I realized I look at plants from a completely different point of view. This talk is a group of Stories I have learned of how the Gaia relationship has turned botany virtually upside down. Come hear some fun stories and interesting trivia about our plant friends.

Jeananne Laing

Cannabis as Medicine

More than 70 years of prohibition has not stopped people from utilizing Cannabis as a powerful and effective medicine. As the legal medicinal cannabis industry gears up in Canada, people of all ages are turning to this ancient medicine in the hopes that they can use cannabis to manage their symptoms and disease processes without the debilitating side-effects of some pharmaceutical drugs. In this talk we will cover the basics of cannabis as medicine, bust persistent cannabis myths, and dig into a few of the health concerns where cannabis really excels as a medicine.

Malcolm Saunders

The Art of Elixir Crafting: Delicious Sweet & Savoury Elixirs for Delivering Herbal Medicine

Learn the art and craft of the elixir and how to use them as a delivery system for your herbs of choice. Elixirs are the perfect addition to your day and you will see how you can take many of the beverages you already consume and upgrade and enhance them with herbal medicine. You will learn the structure and several recipe templates for an elixir, including both sweet and savoury elixirs so you can begin crafting them at home with the herbs you love.

How to make the world a better place by doing what you love

If you are a budding entrepreneur or considering a career in the field of herbalism or holistic health and healing I invite you to explore the possibilities and potentials of how you can truly contribute to making the world a better place by doing what you love and making a living doing it.

In this session I will share my journey of entrepreneurship having created the Light Cellar and what I have learned about money, business, vision and action to create a life of your dreams and positive change for the community.
The goal will be to give you ideas and inspiration to get started or help you move further down the path you are on already.

Suzanne Catty

Is Aromatherapy Dead? How the power of essential oils is hampering a modality.

In this talk Suzanne will explore the successes and failures of aromatherapy as a viable modality in North America. Between multi-level marketing sales, product lines and fragrances most ‘aromatherapists’ aren’t actually therapists. A huge industry has bloomed around the plant extracts but what the modality is, has still not been codified to any kind of standard. Moving forward how can we return the ‘therapy’ to the aromas and reassess how the power of essential oils are used.

A Long Line of Witches

One grandmother worked with Rudolph Steiner, the other was a country herbalist, on both sides I come from a long line of healers. In this talk we will explore the role of women as healers and why it’s time to take back the word ‘witch’.

Eric Whitehead

Wild Mushroom Walk

From Untamed Feast, a Canadian gourmet wild food company, Eric will be taking a group of people out on an informative and interactive foray.


Growing and Curing Tobacco for Ceremonial Use

Eric will show you how to grow from seed, tobacco here in Alberta. The rules involved, and participants will get some free seeds to take home.

Kalyn Kodiak

Look into My Eyes – How To Read the Iris

The iris (colored portion of the eye) reveals physical and psychological tendencies known as a genotype. Learn how to interpret the signs and colors in the eye through this fun mini crash-course in Iridology!

Fibromyalgia from an Herbalist’s Perspective

More information coming soon.

Denis Manzer

Medicinal Mead Making: The Ancient Art of Brewing The Honey Wine Of Olden Time

A how-to exploration of the alchemy of transforming honey into wine! Learn the simple skills and techniques that will allow you to brew your own at home!

We will be going on a journey to discover:

  • The origins of mead & the ancient history of bees and man
  • The phenomenal healing qualities of honey!
  • The Many Healing herbs that have been traditionally infused in mead to give flavours, colours and medicinal effects!!

The Blessings of the Bees Beckon You!

Cheyenne Caza

Survival Plant Walks

Join certified Practical Herbalist, Cheyenne Caza, for a walk in the woods as she shows you the edible, medicinal, and practical uses for plant life growing in Alberta. You will learn plant identification, sustainable harvesting methods, terrain and wild life safety, as well as plants that are suitable for building with, eating, and treating common survival-oriented injuries and illnesses.

Jeremy Zoller

Implementing Herbs into Herbiculture

More information coming soon.

Permaculture Project

More information coming soon.

Chantal Chagnon

Smudge and Medicine Wheel Teachings

More information coming soon.



Chad Cornell

A Living Tradition (Return to The Circle)

Healing Reductionism and Elemental Herbalism

The earth is a living being, and our bodies are an ecosystem. Working with the elements that make up all of creation has always been essential to healing and herbalism. Here we will take a unique and practical look at the Wheel of Life, Elemental Herbalism, and the greater potential of health & vitality. We will look at essential local plant allies, using spices and foods as medicine, and the ancient work of inner alchemy from the perspective of Ayurveda.

Sex, Drugs & Evolution?

Exploring the Promises and Pitfalls of The Re-emergence of Psychedelic Therapy

For far too long our culture has repressed the healing potential of both sexuality and psychedelics. These are said to be some of the most powerful life experiences one can have and both can be either healing or traumatizing. Humanity has been struggling to find a positive relationship to plants, sexuality, and higher consciousness for centuries and we are now in the midst of a mass psychedelic medicine re-emergence. This session will explore the potentials and pitfalls of reconnecting with plants and practices that alter our perception and deeply affect our state of being. Together we will explore a holistic perspective of how these therapies can turn up the volume on our personal and collective healing and evolution.

Brenda Holder

Plant First Aid Workshop

More information coming soon.

Métis Healing Traditions

More information coming soon.

Jenna Hansen

Morning Yoga

Jenna will be offering refreshing morning yoga classes!